Authenticating customer accounts has never been faster

Multi-factor authentication has customers quickly confirm their identities on a separate device, keeping bad actors out of your business

Why Verify?

Our multi-layered security approach has customers verify their identity in multiple ways so you know every customer is exactly who they say they are

Protect your customers

90% of passwords can be cracked in six hours. Two-thirds of people use the same password for all logins. Keep customers safe by ensuring no one else logs into their account.

Protect your business

Bots and fraudulent accounts are rampant online, costing companies millions of dollars every day. Make sure that only your customers have access to your business.

Prevent fraud
Increase conversions
Reduce churn
Lower acquisition costs
Build customer trust

Multi-factor authentication keeps your
business safe

Verify Users

Keep fake bot accounts out by giving every new user an immediate, secure one-time verification code to make sure they’re real.

Authenticate Transactions

Prevent fraud and comply with consumer protection regulations by having customers confirm transactions with our user-friendly two-factor authentication.

Protect Accounts

Verify that logins from new devices or locations are from your customers, so that they never have to worry about who’s accessing their account.

Two ways to integrate

We can manage the whole process or give you the tools to do it yourself.

Two Factor Authentication

Our 2FA API generates codes, sends them to your customers, and verifies for you making it easy to get started with multi-factor authentication.

One-Time Passwords

Take control of the verification process by generating and verifying codes yourself. We’ll handle the messaging.

Coming Soon SDK (PHP, java, etc.) Coming Soon
Mobile & Landline number verification
Multiple language support
Custom Password generation
Custom Message templates, PIN length

We make verification happen

Our multi-factor authentication process is best in class, ensuring your customers can always access their accounts

Global reach

With direct connections to mobile carriers in nearly every country, we’ll reach your customers no matter where they are.

Easy integration

Our detailed documentation and helpful support team will ensure you get up and running with verification in no time.

Ensure delivery

Even if a text message can’t be delivered, we use fallback options like text-to-speech to make sure codes gets through.

Intelligent Routing

We evaluate our message routes in real-time so that your messages always get where they’re going.

Multiple Ways to Verify

From SMS to text-to-speech, choose which verification method works best for your customers.

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