Virtual Numbers

Add privacy and identity protection with virtual numbers, and ensure conversations and transactions remain on-platform

How do Virtual Numbers benefit your business?

  • Local Look and Feel

    Make your business look as though it is based in the area you are reaching out to, even if you are actually located a long distance away

  • Facilitates 2-way Conversations

    Our numbers can be used globally to enable 2-way conversations via voice calls, text messages, text to voice and fax. We can guide you on the best ways to use them

  • Adds Privacy

    Being able to hide the real numbers of your customers allows them to connect in a secure manner without sharing personal contact details or identities

  • Manages Inbound Communications

    Centralize your inbound calls and messages using SMS and Voice enabled numbers. Using a multi-channel enabled number can facilitate the volume of your inbound communications

Our Virtual Numbers solution is flexible

Using both long numbers and short codes, we provide you with a highly scalable configurations


    Mitto’s solution brings you a new dimension of interaction that can be used worldwide to facilitate conversations


    We can guide you through the whole process surrounding the acquisition and implementation of a Virtual Numbers solution


    Mitto ensures all of your campaigns and transactional reply paths are always up and running and backed up