Telecom services / Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance

Increase profits and reduce risk with end-to-end data, technology and proactive services  

SMS Firewall ManagementEnd-to-End Monitoring
SMS Firewall Management
Traffic Control

Complete traffic flow oversight to ensure sustain ability of A2P SMS business and identify potential revenue leakages

Grey Route Analysis

24/7 continuous service to verify valuable content reaches subscribers through closely monitored and pre-approved routes to ensure monetization  

Regulatory Support

Critical differentiation between A2P and P2P SMS to maintain compliance  

Proactive Business Intelligence

Data analysis of live A2P SMS monetization feeds from global deployments for advanced protection of A2P revenue streams  

End-to-End Monitoring
Spam Filtering

Detection, reporting, and blocking of unsolicited and fraud-infiltrated traffic to safeguard integrity of SMS channel

Managed Service

Reliable outsourcing to team of monetization specialists and threat analysts to save valuable time and resources

Health Checks

Detailed and reliable feedback on market positioning to drive strategy and enhance operations

Operational Support

Best-practice SMS business guidance and risk management  to  improve efficiencies and maximize performance in all functional areas

Trust the experts

Ensure Monetization

Ensure Monetization

Gain peace of mind with confidence that every transaction is optimized for business success

Reduce Customer Churn

Reduce Customer Churn

Prevent the risk of lost accounts due to network delivery issues, spam, and other common fraud 

Additional Telecom Services

Messaging Enablement

• RCS Readiness - Stay ahead and ensure your network is enabled for the next era of messaging

• Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Extend your service offering in the communications market with our easy-to-implement, all-in-one SMS platform.

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