Rich Communication Services

Think animations, video messages, images and audio messages.
Now think sending them like SMS

How does RCS benefit your business?

  • Gets You Ahead of Competition

    RCS brings together the functionality of every app in one – the reach of SMS and the rich messaging capabilities of chat applications

  • Increases Engagement

    Unlike with so many other channels, content sent via SMS actually gets read. Whilst RCS is nascent, it is a richer logical extension of SMS and usage characteristics will be similar

  • Brings Cost Efficiency

    RCS can be effectively deployed in your customer care environment and the richer content you deliver, the more it helps reduce your personnel costs

  • Comprehensive Analytics

    Analyse the effectiveness of your RCS campaigns by measuring read receipts, transactions and a whole host of other parameters which other ‘flatter’ channels can only dream of

RCS may be new

but its influence on the marketing domain in particular is growing


    Mitto has auto-detect functionality which allows the sending of content in both simple (SMS) and rich (RCS) formats


    According to the GSMA, RCS user growth will be over 1B in the end of 2019, triple what it is today. RCS has truly landed


    Utilize a highly-targeted method of communication by only reaching customers who are most likely to take action