Send SMS Communications That Confirm Business Identity, Automatically

Stronger Trust & Safety

Give end users peace of mind that messages have originated from the true brand they intend to engage with; eliminate any doubt of their legitimacy

Enhanced Brand Impact

More economical than other A2P messaging, SMS also reduces missed appointment, delivery issue & account fraud costs

Boosted Engagement

Achieve higher open rates and more conversions than through legacy SMS with communications authenticated as sent from known senders

Optimized Technology

From regional startup to global enterprise, SMS supports the journey with seamless integration every step of the way

We Make Verified SMS Happen

Facilitating access to next generation A2P messaging technologies

Verification by Google

Google confirms for end-users that the message received was sent by your business, displaying a sender verification badge

Branded Features

Conversation start card includes business logo and description and business name and logo appear next to each message

Link Previews

Enabled by default, URLs are featured with enhanced details and branding to increase interest and drive clickthrough

Engagement Metrics

Message open rate and URL click rate available for performance tracking