Enable Convenient and Secure Account Access and Transaction Verification

Reduces Fraud

Prevent account takeovers and protect confidential information through delivery and verification of single use, one-time passcodes (OTPs)

Cost Efficient

Save time, money, and resources with automated password resets that utilize OTPs to verified phone numbers without dependency on live support teams

Adopted Worldwide

2FA is now the most familiar and accepted method of account security by users across the globe (adoption boosted by frictionless OTP auto-fill on enabled devices)

Valued by End Users

Adding a second layer of account security increases end-user trust that their confidential information is protected from the damages of unauthorized account takeove

We Make 2FA Happen

Reliable delivery of mission-critical messaging with optimal routing & system redundancy

Rapid Global Delivery

Authentication codes are routed to and received by end-users anywhere in the world with large scale connectivity and expert management of local regulations

Developer-Friendly Integration

Detailed documentation and resources for seamless application, website, or CRM software integration of dedicated REST API

Multi-Channel Fallback

Immediate deployment through several fallback options in the event 2FA codes are undelivered through an initial channel (SMS to voice for landline phone numbers)

Intelligent Automatic Routing

Messaging through a proprietary, proactive system that performs real-time evaluation of routes, switching from one to another in search of optimal deliverability