With our strategic partnership and high-quality SMS, Mitto makes difference among standard providers

About our Integration

Mitto is integrated to TelecomsXChange market of SMS providers. We are offering our high-quality routes and getting great feedback from buyers about the delivery. The platform is really amazing, enabling direct communication between us and the buyers, negotiation about prices, setting up a Sender IDs and other regulative. TelecomsXChange is taking a big part of settling Legal and Commercial part of the business. Buyers are charged automatically at the moment they send messages so it’ momentarily available on our account.

TelecomsXChange allowing viewing complete record of all messages sent through our account, with log details around each message, who is the Buyer, SenderId, Destination Number, Time and Date, Status of message, Content of a message and other details.


About TelecomsXChange

TelecomXChange, LLC (FCC License # ITC-214-20150519-00126) is the first XaaS open trading platform and the most advanced network for Voice and SMS carriers worldwide.

We have established our business on the founding principle that buyers and suppliers should be connected directly while having objective intelligence gathering and performance monitoring captured and published openly. Although every other platform keeps the buyer and seller at arm’s length, TelecomsXChange does not interfere and encourages direct communication and support. We provide the tools for both parties to make the most informed and risk-free decisions, encouraging more carriers and service providers to trade over the market place.

Our management and carrier relations team have over 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Only well-established companies are authorized to sell their routes through TelecomsXChange. We challenge our sellers to maintain quality and provide the best value in their routes through our featured Review & Ratings system. You may purchase with confidence when the profile of our trusted sellers reflect long-term historical statistics of their performance, as well as, the ratings determined by our proprietary technology using complicated algorithms for QoS measurements.

Support speed is unbeatable, TelecomsXChange provides a direct and transparent messaging engine between buyers and sellers. The buyer can negotiate directly with the seller for better rates, quality and/or service.

Our mission is to organize the world’s defragmented telecommunication industry for voice, messaging and virtual phone numbers and make it accessible for CSPs in a programmable and none programmable interface.