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RSA Secure ID

Automatically verify an identity by pairing Mitto SMS with your RSA SecureID product.

About Our Integration

To authenticate a user, the RSA Authentication Manager will send an on-demand token code and mobile number to Mitto A2P SMS, which then delivers the token code to the user’s mobile device via SMS.

 Authentication is complete once the user enters the token code into the agent’s prompt for the next token code, and the configuration is set up by token code delivery by SMS, SMS Provider Configuration, and SMS HTTP Configuration. 

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About RSA Secure ID

Digital transformation has led to risks that leaders are identifying as a top concern in organizations across all sectors, as technology weaves deeper into their business operations. 

RSA digital risk management solutions are minimizing these business and security risks by offering resources on digital risk management that could help you understand what the risks are, why they matter and how to manage them.  

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