RSA Secure ID

For users of RSA SecureID product, Mitto SMS can be automatically plugged in for verifying identity

About Our Integration

RSA Authentication Manager can be configured to utilize Mito A2P SMS for the delivery of on-demand token codes to be used in on-demand authentications.

When a user authenticates to an agent using his/her username and on-demand PIN, the RSA Authentication Manager sends the on-demand token code and mobile number to Mitto A2P SMS. Mitto A2P SMS then delivers the on-demand token code to the user’s mobile device via Short Message Service (SMS.) The authentication process is completed when the user enters the on-demand token code into the agent’s prompt for the next token code.

The configuration page has three sections:

  • Tokencode Delivery by SMS
  • SMS Provider Configuration
  • SMS HTTP Proxy Configuration (optional)

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