About Our Integration

Mitto’s robust omnichannel communication solutions are available through a connector on Pandium – https://www.pandium.com/connectors. Leverage the power of SMS and A2P communication channels with an on-demand integration of the Mitto connector. Through Pandium’s platform, your business is able to link Mitto’s omnichannel communication solutions to 100’s of other connectors.

About Pandium

Pandium provides a native integration experience. Customers can self-install and self-manage integrations designed specifically for them, without needing to code or call customer support.

Enable your customer support team and your partners

The Pandium Admin Dashboard gives your customer support team complete visibility into all your customers’ integration activity, and enables them to run syncs and change configurations for customers.
Partners can submit their integrations and marketing materials, and view their own integration and customer activity.

The First Integration Marketplace as a Service

Provide your customers and partners with an exceptional marketplace experience. Using Pandium, your business can launch integrations 6x faster with 70 percent less engineering.

An End-to-End Integration Marketplace Solution

Pandium’s iMaaS provides the infrastructure you need to make your partners and customers happy. A customizable front-end Marketplace, an Admin Dashboard for customer support and marketing, and a Partner Portal make it easy for you and your partners to succeed.