Oracle Responsys

Mitto is strategic partner of Oracle Responsys platform, contact our team to setup preferred pricing

About Our Integration

Mitto is natively integrated into the Oracle Responsys SMS system. If you are using Oracle Responsys, we suggest choosing Mitto from the available providers and utilize our sophisticated routing system, monitoring installed worldwide, direct and exclusive connections to mobile operators. We have specialized support and routing for each message type you can have whether Transactional, Promotional or Priority.

  • Create SMS campaigns

Create targeted campaigns and send them to mass customers. Preview outbound and response messages, and proof launch outbound messages.

  • Define keywords and invalid keyword responses

For dedicated mobile codes, it is possible to set up a number of keywords, that will automatically trigger some action. For each predefined keyword, you can set an automatic response message, so if the customer send back some of the keywords (i.e. “STOP”) he can receive message from your side (i.e. “Dear customer, you have successfully unsubscribed from receiving future notifications”).

  • 2-way SMS messaging

Set up Short and Long codes for each country you need to receive the feedback from your customers. The codes are available in Dedicated or Shared mode and in every country, you might need it. The setup period depends on a country by country regulations.

  • Use templates

Create and use templates that support various SMS use cases for your SMS campaigns. With placeholders for dynamic fields inside the text, engage customers with more personalized messages.

  • Use SMS Recency Attributes

This Oracle feature brings the behavior-based targeting to your daily decision-making process on campaigns.


About Oracle Responsys

Oracle Responsys gather mobile marketers with industry-leading tools like Push, Rich Push, In-App, SMS and MMS messaging to connect with customers across devices, drive engagement and retention, and enhance mobile revenue. Oracle delivers innovative features that matter to marketers is supported by unparalleled infrastructure, and provides unique solutions that yield incredible—and incredibly achievable—results.

Oracle Responsys: Personalize At Scale

Through a single platform, marketing organizations can manage and orchestrate all interactions with your customers across email, mobile, social, display, and the web. CMOs across all industries will be equipped with the ability to drive exceptional customer experiences across all marketing interactions and throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

One Platform to Orchestrate Consumer Experiences and Messaging

Make data from disparate sources useful, create precisely targeted audiences, and then empower customers to determine their own next experience by interacting with them in near real-time. Oracle Responsys empowers marketing teams with the tools to deliver the relevant, engaging experiences their customers demand across devices, channels, and lifecycles.

Create Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

Oracle helps marketers design cross-channel customer experiences that are personalized and sophisticated. With one powerful yet easy to use platform, Oracle brings deeply integrated, best-in-class technologies and industry-leading insights together to help marketers realize their goals.