With our three extensions on Magento Marketplace you can use SMS for various use cases automatically

About Our Integration

Implement the most efficient messaging channel to enhance your sales and engagement on Magento built online stores.

  • Mitto SMS Alerts-Notifications-Confirmations module for Magento provides an efficient tool for eCommerce admins and customers to be promptly notified of some important store events or actions. You can notify your administrators when there is a new order in a store so they can begin processing. Or you can notify your customer when their order is shipped.
  • Mitto SMS Marketing for Magento provides an efficient tool for eCommerce admins and shop owners to promote their products and engage customers easily. You are able to communicate with a large number of people at once and keep all activity recorded in Magento. Whether you want to send SMS to existing customers or upload a list and send it all at once, this free extension is providing the functionality.
  • Mitto SMS Registration & Login extension for Magento has two main functionalities.  The first is that it enables store admins to bring an additional layer of security by adding phone number verification into the registration flow. And, the second functionality is the ability your store customers have to quickly log in with mobile phone numbers and entering a One Time Password (OTP) they receive through SMS.

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