LeadsBridge and Mitto are cooperating on easily interconnecting your Lead tools with our SMS channel

About Our Integration

Connect, Automate and Sync leads & contacts with over 370 tools with Mitto SMS automatically.


If you are using an in-house CRM and you want to automate your funnels and flows within LeadsBridge, chat with us to book an explorative call with one of our Solution Specialist!


Bridge the gap between your ads and sales funnels!


About LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge connects over 370 tools with the most popular advertising platforms and lead generation sources, including tailor-made integrations.

Industries LeadsBridge serve are Agencies, Real Estate, FinServ, Education, Automotive, Retail.


  • Facebook Lead Ads Sync

Sync Lead Ads in real-time with your CRM/Email Marketing software, start your funnel as leads come in and reach them with the perfect timing.

  • Audience Sync

Take the most out of your data and increase your sales with CRM and Email Remarketing. Automatically populate your Audiences on Facebook and Google.

  • Bridge the gap between Online and Offline

LeadsBridge helps retailers and enterprises track offline transactions and understand clearly their online advertising campaign performances.