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Connect LeadsBridge's CRMs, marketing and leads tools with Mitto to create an SMS channel to reach more customers.

About Our Integration

Connect, automate and sync leads & contacts with over 370 tools and Mitto SMS automatically. 

If you are using an in-house CRM and you want to automate your funnels and flows within LeadsBridge, chat with us to book an explorative call with one of our Solution Specialist. Bridge the gap between your ads and sales funnels! Click here for more information about our integration.

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About LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge centralizes your marketing operations and connects your main advertising platforms with over 370 CRMs, email software, and much more. With LeadsBridge you can collect more leads with Lead Generation Ads. Reach your leads and customers on multiple channels and track off-site and off-line conversions. At LeadsBridge, there are over 370 tools integrated and at your disposal, in only one click. LeadsBridge provides safe, enterprise-friendly technology that allows easy syncing Leads, Audiences and Conversions. Click here for more information about Mitto's integration.

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