Mitto SMS integration enables SMS Marketing and Sales Automation process built natively for HubSpot

About Our Integration

  • Easy Setup

Add Mitto SMS to HubSpot without any technical knowledge with just entering your API key. Reach out to our team to assist you in creating the authentication and setting up the desired Sender IDs in the countries of interest. Free consultancy about user flows is available from our team of messaging engagement experts.

  • International Support

Send text messages globally with all countries supported with no additional requirements. Reach your prospects and contacts easily wherever they are. Our Support team is available with no additional costs to help you with any issue or advise you might need.

  • Keep Record Of All Messaging

View a complete transcription of all sent messages on a contacts record. This way it’s much easier to monitor and measure and compare the effects of different channels in your marketing strategy.

  • Workflow Automation

Add text messaging to contact-based and deal-based workflows as both a trigger and an action. Create a Workflow that contains the SMS message and define a trigger that will release the sending action.

  • Timeline Record

All sent messages are recorded on the entity timeline. This way you are able to track and monitor what were the effects of each message. In the near future in Version 2 of the extension Contact will be able to respond to the message and that activity to be recorded as well.

  • Personalize Messages With Placeholders

Put variable fields inside the message so each contact receives the personal one. Use all the fields that are present on the Contact page and make the message adjusted to each recipient. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Send Marketing Messages To Group Of People

Send targeted campaigns to a large number of people at once by using workflows. Filter by any Hubspot criteria and target people from a specific industry, position, geographic filter or company. Personalize messages so all recipients have experience message is sent just to them. You can have it all recorded in their activity line.

  • Put SMS As A Workflow Action

Add text messaging to any workflow. Classify a message as either transactional or marketing, and specify which outbound phone number will be used. Build your flows with different steps and put SMS easily as one of the necessary steps.


About Hubspot

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