With FastTrackTrade platform, Mitto is helping businesses go through digital transformation with SMS

About Our Integration


FastTrackTrade is committed to helping SMEs go through digital transformation. Mitto introduced a new concept of communication and messaging within the community and from SMEs to end customers. Our partners from FastTrackTrade recognized the value Mitto can bring and added us to the business community to directly communicate with all other members. We are supporting the full spectrum of scenarios for those companies.

What especially qualified Mitto among other providers of the service is our direct connections, coverage, and presence on the emerging markets. FastTrackTrade focuses on these markets as they identified a large number of SMEs that need help and support in building their business and digitalize every segment of it.


About FastTrackTrade

Commerce Beyond Frontiers. A single platform that instantly connects buyers and sellers without any intermediary. FastTrackTrade believes that SMEs are the driving economic force in any market. Our vision is to use blockchain technology to build and provide a digital trade network for these SMEs. Small value transactions will be processed quickly, safely, and with transparency.

A trustworthy network of business partners

Finding reliable suppliers or customers can be a challenge. FastTrackTrade creates a trustworthy community, where you can trade with partners that have been authenticated.

Proceed with your purchase process seamlessly

No more wasted hours on paperwork. FastTrackTrade is your solution, with a fully integrated and user-friendly purchase process. You can now set deals, issue purchase orders, pay for and track delivery on your mobile phone or laptop.

Grow with the right financial partners

Access to proper financing can be a complicated process for SMEs. FastTrackTrade connects you to financial partners, who are quick to respond.

Access a secure international payment process

Payment processing can be difficult when you have international partners, especially in countries that you are not familiar with. You can make payments securely in more than 10 Asian countries, through bank transfer, credit card or even cash.