With Blendr low code platform, you can easily interconnect software tools and platforms with Mitto SMS

About Our Integration

Build native integrations up to 10 times faster than “classic” development. The Blend Editor is a low-code visual integration builder for your developers. Create complex enterprise-grade or standardized high-volume integrations with the SMS channel and embed them in the UI of your SaaS platform.

With Mitto SMS integrated on Blendr you got to:

  • Build secure and powerful native integrations for your customers which include SMS channel
  • Build integrations 10-times faster and add SMS to it
  • Add new SMS triggered use cases to your SaaS solution
  • Offer your customers native integrations between Mitto SMS and 400+ platforms
  • Free your developers from integration headaches
  • Save cost on integrating SMS API on your own
  • Focus on developing your core platform instead of coding integration with SMS


About Blendr is a powerful, hyper-scalable and secure integration platform (iPaaS) for SaaS companies. Create integrations with the low-code visual builder, embed them into the UI of your platform and centrally manage your customer integrations. Blendr offers a complete integration toolkit to empower your customers, success management team and developers. Provide your customers with rapid and secure native integrations while spearing your developers from time-consuming one-off integrations and maintenance headaches.

Embed all the integrations your customers are asking for into the UI of your SaaS platform. Your customers simply select the platform they want to integrate with, go through authentication, map a few fields and run the integration – all within a couple of clicks and straight from your platform. The Integration Hub is specifically designed for your customer success team to manage integrations, customer access and help your enterprise-grade customers activate tailor-made integrations. The Integration Hub offers a set of features including an “invite” button to connect customers’ platforms, an overview of the active integrations and much more.