Apr 15 2019

Nadeem Ladha, VP of Channel and Mobile Intelligence

In a mobile-first world where personalization and personalized engagement are the buzz words of the day, the mobile device is quickly becoming one of the most powerful data sources for Enterprises looking to understand more about the behaviors and attributes of their customers.

With data points including the online/offline status of mobile numbers, what mobile network the number is associated with and portability and roaming status, there are multiple ways that Enterprises can use the data to enhance customer engagement. Here are three ways our customers are using it.

  1. Customer Profiling: Did you know that you can assess the loyalty of your customers based on how often they change their mobile contracts? Well that’s just one of the many mobile data points Enterprises are using to build customer profiles. By using accurate MNP data, Enterprises can find out the original network a number was generated on and the network it’s on now. That intelligence on a customer can be added to a profile that’s being used to make critical decisions such as whether or not to offer them a mortgage or loan.
  2. Location Verification: Mobile location data is being used by Enterprises in several different ways to validate the physical whereabouts of their customers. For example, the online gambling industry has strict legislation on where the customer placing the bet must be located in a specific country or State at the time of placing their wager. That’s why online gambling companies use Roaming data to verify the physical location of the user by understanding which network the player’s phone is roaming on. Financial Institutions are also using location data to verify the location of credit card customers at the time a purchase is made so they can reduce fraudulent activity as well as provide peace of mind for the customer while they’re travelling.
  3. Time Sensitive Communications: The number one use case we work on with our customers is using mobile intelligence to optimize SMS routing, ensuring that mobile messages get delivered in as near-real-time as possible in the most cost effective way possible. Mobile subscriber data is used by Financial Institutions who use SMS to convey time-critical communications like fraud alerts or account balance alerts. It’s also being used by large OTTs and internet companies who send One Time Passwords to hundreds of thousands of users at one time. Mobile intelligence helps these types of companies rest assured that not only are their messages getting through to the right people, at the right time, but that those messages are being delivered over the most cost effective routes.

If you’re using mobile intelligence we’d love to hear what’s working for you and how the data is helping you enhance engagement with your mobile customers.