Oct 14 2019

Having the best product or the most innovative business plan doesn’t mean anything if there aren’t great people behind it. At Mitto, we always put our people first. It has been six years since Mitto started and in this time a lot has happened. We grew from a small team to a big organization, we experienced many transitional challenges and successfully overcame them all, and finally, we have established a great company structure for future growth. That is the reason why we wanted to organize an unforgettable company trip and surprise our employees, as we appreciate their dedication and commitment. And we did it. We took the entire company to Greece for three memorable days of sailing.

It was challenging – this was the first time we organized such an event and it had to be special. We needed to reinforce our company values through a set of different activities that will improve productivity and motivation.

Once we set a destination, the theme was clear – Mitto team plus Greek mythology equals the concept called the Mittology Adventure, which was a perfect start. We organized a sailing experience, which included a treasure hunt game on our boats. There were eight teams with each being named after a Greek god. The game was challenging – only with teamwork was it possible to solve the puzzles and riddles. We all witnessed our team’s unity and readiness to help one another and overcome all the obstacles on the path to achieving our goal.

People spend most of their time at work, but it can be hard to get to know colleagues and what they are really like. People naturally like to feel connected. Co-workers are the thing most people like best about their jobs. Even when work gets rough, if the people are supportive and good to be around, it can make all the difference. However, it can be hard at work to find similarities with other people, especially if you only ever talk about work. Encouraging team activities allow many opportunities where colleagues can find out whether they both enjoy hiking, went to the same college or have kids who are the same age. These connections might not come out in the office, but it helps employees build connections with each other. Personal bonds and commonalities are much stronger than simply sharing office walls.

Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

After the Mittology Adventure, our team is more connected and stronger than ever, ready for new business challenges, projects, and ventures. See for yourself how was it like in Greece in the video here

*Special thanks to AirDP Style  and My Case, who enriched our gift packages for the team with their products.