Nov 05 2020

Sending SMS messages to new users is a critical part of a secure onboarding process. A one-time passcode delivered to a mobile device has become an integral part of the registration process for many apps and services because of its effectiveness in fighting fraud. But what happens when those messages don’t arrive? This was the exact problem that inDriver, a leading global rideshare provider, was running into in several key markets. Messages to both riders and drivers were not reaching their intended destination. This caused a decrease in sign-up conversions, an increase in support costs, and an overall drop in customer satisfaction. Most importantly it meant riders were left in the cold and inDriver was falling short in delivering its promise of providing a fair and transparent rideshare experience for its users.

How did Mitto help inDriver increase conversion rates by 20% and restore trust to the inDriver platform? Download the case study to see how easy it was for inDriver and other businesses to leverage Mitto’s SMS solution to reach a wider audience and enhance the customer experience.

Download the full case study.