Dec 04 2020

Over forty years have passed since Sting and The Police graced our airwaves with the smash hit “Message in a Bottle.” The song tells the familiar tale of a castaway lost at sea sending messages out hoping for a response, a rescue from anyone. Too bad our abandoned straggler left his smart phone at home.

Similarly, brands no longer have to send messages into the void, because with 7.4 billion mobile users by 2024 it seems the best way to engage users is with A2P messages via SMS. 98% of these messages are opened, which is roughly 400% better than some traditional marketing channels. About one third of users respond directly to A2P SMS messages and half of those respondents make a purchase.

Not only can A2P be leveraged for marketing campaigns and security alerts, growing trends like contactless delivery have become the standard due to Covid-19; SMS has been instrumental in powering that process.

Marketers can learn why and how to leverage mobile messaging for customer engagement in five minutes with Mitto VP of Sales, Sean Whitley, and he can teach you how to take your communication strategy off a deserted island and start sending SMS messages to anyone in the world. After viewing the presentation, we invite you to chat live with Sean. Check out Sean’s Madfest presentation below and click here to talk with Sean Whitley now.