Mar 31 2020

The message you send to your customers is an essential part of your SMS marketing campaign and your conversion rate depends on it being engaging. Increase your conversion rate, grow your business. But if you’re struggling to get conversions up, there are some simple things to consider that can help. Here are five tips we’ve seen get results!

1. Specify your audience

It’s simple: if you’re trying to help everyone, you will help no one. Your message shouldn’t be about what your product is; it should focus on who it was made for, and why. The sooner you address these questions, the higher the conversion rate will be. Clearly identify who your audience is and — maybe more important — who it isn’t. The more segmentation you build into your strategy the more your target audience is going to relate to your message, trust you, and buy from you.

2. Point out benefits

What is the main difference between features and benefits? Features describe what your product or service includes and highlight things that make them unique. Benefits, on the other hand, explain how the feature is useful or valuable to the customer. By explaining the benefits and how each solves a problem your customer’s faces or brings a new opportunity to them, you are actually educating and converting your customer at the same time.


Feature: Batteries included!

Benefit: Ready to use! No disappointed child on his birthday!

3. Include a strong hook

A hook is the part of your message that’s intended to grab someone’s attention and retain it until the whole message is consumed. It should elicit an emotional response and help the reader identify with your brand. A powerful hook is the hardest part of the message to write but it’s also your opportunity to think creatively and showcase the unique identity of your brand.

4. Sweeten the offer

To your customers, the value of your offer should always seem higher than the price. Nothing feels better than believing you’ve made a good deal. Try to make your promo more attractive and irresistible by adding special discounts and premium offers. Isolate this to members of your database that meet certain criteria — like birthday “gifts” and “lucky” shoppers — to really delight.

5. Close with a clear call to action

Last, appropriately, is that every message must include a definitive call to action. You need to tell your readers what you want them to do. The perfect marketing messages have only one, clear and concise CTA, for example: Sign Up or Buy Now.

And now you’re halfway there to creating a successful marketing campaign. Choosing the right platform to send your perfectly written message is equally important. With Mitto’s platform, you can be sure each message is received and your time and resources aren’t wasted on undelivered messages. We offer technology that delivers your content quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Reach out to our experts to learn more about how Mitto can optimize your next SMS marketing campaign.