Dec 11 2020

It’s been 28 years now since the first SMS was sent, a brief message that said “Merry Christmas.” But how has the technology expanded in the past three decades, and what are the new channels and A2P capabilities that we think of when we hear the phrase “CPaaS”?

Welcome to our chat show Messaging Today, in this three-part series, ‘Choosing CPaaS’ technology evangelist James Williams (Mr. Connectivity) is joined by Mitto CTO, Ramon Kania. With Mitto from day 1, Ramon has led development of a now robust platform leveraged by many of the world’s top brands. With in-depth knowledge of the technical specifications related to onboarding and integrating a CPaaS solution, Ramon simplifies the process. In just 15 minutes, you can become an expert on the CPaaS space.

In Episode 1, James and Ramon define CPaaS and discuss the tremendous growth the category has seen of late. They also discuss how enterprises of any size can leverage CPaaS to rapidly and accurately engage with their users anywhere in the world over multiple messaging channels. It’s not just a technology for the big players; it’s a simple solution for all. Check out episode one below.