2-Factor Authentication

Secure your confidential user data and transactions by adding a second layer of account security with one-time passwords

How does 2FA benefit your business?

  • Protects Against Fraud

    Identity theft is rising at an alarming rate and the number of frauds is increasing every year. 2FA allows you to secure your transactions and verify new customers immediately

  • Boosts Productivity with Mobility

    Mobile 2FA enables employees to securely access data, documents, corporate apps and back-office systems from any location without putting any sensitive information in danger

  • Cost Efficiency

    By replacing passwords with a non-password dependent 2FA approach, you can greatly reduce pressure on staff and reduce costs for your organisation

  • Enhanced Security

    Analyses of hacked passwords regularly show that large proportions of people opt for simple passwords. Used in combination with a password, 2FA greatly enhances security

2-Factor Authentication solutions

secure your organisation and protect your customers


    We can deliver your authentication codes rapidly to users regardless of location


    Seamlessly integrate our 2FA solutions within your CRM, app or website using our REST API


    We are offering several fallback options for all of your 2FA interactions with clients