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Partner with Mitto to take advantage of the growing A2P messaging opportunity and realize new revenues from your connectivity.

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The A2P Opportunity.

Mobile Operators across the world face the same problem; their traditional core revenues are in decline and their costs are increasing. A2P messaging offers an opportunity to generate new revenues that plug that cost-revenue gap and create new profit lines.

Juniper Research estimates that, in 2016, A2P messaging generated traffic worth nearly $36.3 billion. However, one challenge Mobile Operators face is that a significant amount of this traffic (31% in 2016) is ‘grey route’ and estimated $11.9 billion revenue loss in 2016.

As global brands increasingly deploy A2P messaging for marketing, alerts and authentication purposes, they need to ensure that messages arrive and arrive in a timely manner. That’s why Mobile Operators looking to maximize their revenue streams from A2P messaging trust Mitto's carrier-grade platform as their gateway for international incoming SMS revenues, with our proprietary technology able to filter SPAM and fraudulent messages, offering unrivaled reliability and deliverability.

Carrier-Grade SMS Platform
Customizable Integration Options
A2P SMS Firewall
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Mitto’s A2P Managed Services provide a way for Mobile Operators and A2P Aggregators to realize new revenue streams and monetize their user base assets and connectivity.

Mobile Operators

  • Filter SPAM and fraudulent SMS messages to maxmize revenues.
  • Contol the SMS traffic and complete global connectivity for Enterprise clients.
  • Enhance market awareness and analyze termination rates.
  • Resolve connectivity issues and prevent potential revenue losses.

SMS Aggregators

  • Generate value from wholesale SMS hubbing operations.
  • Increase reliability of mobile messaging services.
  • Complete global connectivity.

A2P Managed Services

Mitto’s A2P Managed Services offerings can be mixed, matched and tailored to meet your specific A2P needs.

  • Mitto’s A2P Health Check provides a real-time analysis of Operators A2P SMS network profiles to enhance market awareness, help resolve connectivity issues and prevent potential revenue losses.

  • Integration with our carrier-grade A2P SMS Messaging platform helps Operators manage incoming traffic and extend outgoing connectivity, connect customers and suppliers of SMS termination, make changes to the SMS product profile and control business results in real-time.

  • A2P SMS strategic consulting provides insight on the latest market trends that may affect your business as well as the most effective strategies to generate more revenues from A2P.

  • Technical and business support 24x7x365 provides peace of mind that your A2P offerings are being optimized always.

Trust Mitto to help you better manage your connectivity assets and maximize return.

Firewall Configuration and Management

Mitto’s mobile experts ensure the optimal firewall configurations are in place and provide ongoing traffic management.

Constant Monitoring and Vigilance

Mitto’s constant monitoring and filtering processes are tailored to the individual requirements of the operator and provide peace of mind that fraudulent activity will not occur.

A2P Expertise Generates Revenue

Mitto’s A2P Managed Services will identify the most lucrative A2P traffic sources for your business, monetizing what was once an untapped revenue stream.

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